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KADIS The Karlsburg diabetes management system KADIS® - the world´s unique computer program for fast and reliable testing of individual therapy options - developed by the Institute of Diabetes »Gerhardt Katsch« Karlsburg/Germany.

Diabetes risk check

The goal of this diabetes risk check is to give you an idea as well as to show chances for reduction of your diabetes risk. Of course there is no change possible in the question for heridity, but you can reduce the risk by a healthy nutrition and also by doing exercise. You will reduce your body weight to a normal range and will reduce you diabetes risk. Questions 2 to 5 are responsible for this and with the following questionnaire you can test how many points you can reduce the diabetes risk.
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During the construction of the diabetes health network with telemedical information and communication platform by the Diabetes Service Center GmbH Charles Castle and the diabetes-oriented center GmbH Greifswald (DioZ GmbH) has developed the telemedicine information system TeleDIAB® and introduced into routine use.

TeleDIAB Nutzer

Within the process of personalized medicine TeleDIAB® fills different functions for secure data storage and transmission, the online offerings for different user groups (doctors, patients, reference centers and operators) as well as the medical data processing. As an information system of personalized medicine TeleDIAB® is adapted to the interests of different users. TeleDIAB® is subject to a continuously development and their maturity is adapted and expanded demand-driven functional. Take into consideration the dynamics of the implemented logic in this information system there are extremely high demands on the underlying data model and database environment. With the object database system Caché (InterSystems Inc.) a database provider for a correspondingly powerful product was found as the basis for information system of personalized medicine TeleDIAB®. Caché meets in particular the requirements for the data model, a high performance, sophisticated security mechanisms, and high variability due to the support of various data interfaces (SQL, JAVA, ODBC, Web-based, with Caché Object Script), different views of the data based on the Unified Data Architecture (objects or tables) and object-oriented technologies.

This innovative diabetes health network with telemedical information and communication platform with the components KADIS®, TeleDIAB® and a logistics concept for the implementation of KADIS® - based metabolic control (Personal Decision Support) of diabetic patients under everyday conditions received the Innovation Award 2008 of the German Society for Telemedicine.