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KADIS The Karlsburg diabetes management system KADIS® - the world´s unique computer program for fast and reliable testing of individual therapy options - developed by the Institute of Diabetes »Gerhardt Katsch« Karlsburg/Germany.

Diabetes risk check

The goal of this diabetes risk check is to give you an idea as well as to show chances for reduction of your diabetes risk. Of course there is no change possible in the question for heridity, but you can reduce the risk by a healthy nutrition and also by doing exercise. You will reduce your body weight to a normal range and will reduce you diabetes risk. Questions 2 to 5 are responsible for this and with the following questionnaire you can test how many points you can reduce the diabetes risk.
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Characteristic glucose profile - the 24 h profile(CTP)

CTP Determination

The CTP is comparable to a DNA finger-print and represents an individual indicator of the patients´ glycemic control. For its estimation, glucose measurements either obtained from continuous glucose readings or conventional capillary glucose measurements, including the patients´ self-control and baseline data will be transferred to the DCC®. Experts at the DCC® have developed unique, computerized methods for evaluation and graphic display of the data transferred either by the patient or the general practitioner.

If glucose monitoring is continuously performed, the glucose readings stored in the CGMS™ monitor will be downloaded to a computer at the DCC®, where the monitor and the self-control data of the individual patient will be evaluated and displayed in graphic format. In the case that glucose readings have been performed by conventional blood glucose meters, glucose measurements can either be entered by the patient directly into a DCC-computer via protected online access or, alternatively, the data may be entered by skilled staff personnel at the DCC®, following data transfer. For this purpose, the DCC® provides a specified self-control data collection sheet (SK-Datenerfassungsbogen® developed solely for collection and processing of these data which enables for the first time world-wide, graphics-based reliable and save registering and processing of glucose measurements and self-control data. Using a specific computerized procedure for analysis and evaluation of the data, the individual CTP can be generated.

Individual CTP´s will be stored in the DCC®-data base and become available on request for both patients and their doctors via protected online access in the format of an electronic logbook. In order to get an impression of the quality of the patients´ metabolic control at a glance, an estimation of the percentage of hypo- and hyperglycemic excursions in the CTP is carried out and displayed in form of a pie chart, a so called "eye of quality".

The CTP is the personification of metabolic indicator of each patient!

The personal blood glucose 24 h- profile (CTP) shows individual features and weak points of glycemic control.