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KADIS The Karlsburg diabetes management system KADIS® - the world´s unique computer program for fast and reliable testing of individual therapy options - developed by the Institute of Diabetes »Gerhardt Katsch« Karlsburg/Germany.

Diabetes risk check

The goal of this diabetes risk check is to give you an idea as well as to show chances for reduction of your diabetes risk. Of course there is no change possible in the question for heridity, but you can reduce the risk by a healthy nutrition and also by doing exercise. You will reduce your body weight to a normal range and will reduce you diabetes risk. Questions 2 to 5 are responsible for this and with the following questionnaire you can test how many points you can reduce the diabetes risk.
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Metabolic optimization

If the individual characteristic 24-h glucose profile of a patient has been once established and weak points in her/his present glycemic control were recognized by means of KADIS®, the KADIS® simulation program implemented at the DCC® Karlsburg offers the unique opportunity of therapeutic decision-making to eliminate weak points in the glucose patterns and, thus, improve glycemic control. The KADIS® simulation program is able to display trended and real-time electronic laboratory data interactively linked to evidence-based treatment recommendations and displays patient-specific, 24-h glucose profiles in response to various therapeutic measures tested. Thus, upon variation and modification, various therapeutic measures to be taken can evidence-based be probed to finally result in an optimized metabolic control. This allows to find out, in an appropriate time, those therapeutic interventions which are most effective in improving metabolic control, most beneficial for the patient and cost-effective.
Time-consuming trials and/or the number of clinical visits for metabolic control, often necessary in patients with poor metabolic control, can effectively be reduced, thereby saving time and health care budgets for patient and doctor.

KADIS-based recommendations to improve metabolic control by optimizing daily diabetes management

Generation of the KADIS®-based treatment recommendations for optimizing metabolic control of individual patients will be done at the DCC® by an interactive data processing which is carried out by qualified and highly skilled staff personnel. Modification of insulin administration (dosing, timing, insulin formulation), food intake (amount of BU, timing) and physical activity (timing, intensity) are probed by this computerized decision support system. The KADIS®- simulation program evaluates patient-specific, the 24-h glucose profiles to be expected. Comparison of the various predicted glucose profiles in response to therapeutic modifications leads immediately to the selection of those intervention measures having the greatest potential to overcome the "weak points" in the patients´ metabolic control. Those KADIS®-based treatment recommendations, having the greatest improvement potential will finally compiled in the KADIS® report and can every time be provided by the DCC® to the patients and their corresponding physicians.

Several clinical trials have clearly shown that in poorly controlled diabetic patients, as judged by HbA1c values, metabolic control could significantly be improved within 3 months if KADIS®-based treatment recommendations became an integrated part of diabetes care. Not the number of fingerstick readings could be reduced only, but insulin therapy became easier, and most importantly, the quality of life and well-being was improved.

HbA1c and blood glucose profile show a distinct improvement of the glycemia if the KADIS® system was involved.